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    We recommend pairing up the Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom II Hydro PMG with our engine.  You can purchsase the generator from us or directly from Missouri Wind and Solar (if purchased through us, we will provide mounting and required pulleys and belt).


    Missouri Wind and Solar FREEDOM II HYDRO PMG™ (permanent magnet generator)

    Our newest innovation in power generation - Up to 2800 watts output with the dual rotor and dual stator design!

    Our Freedom II HYDRO PMG™ permanent magnet generator is specifically designed for hydro or gas engine use.  


    PMG Features: 

    • Comes with two heavy duty rectifiers & one hub spacer stabilizer
    • Comes with one 80 mm double pulley, fits 1/2 in V belts
    • 17 mm Stainless steel shaft compatible with all Missour Wind and Solar hubs
    • Polished aluminum case
    • Zinc plated 28 magnet rotor and skewed stator core
    • For charging 12, 24, or 48 volt battery banks
    • Specifically designed for wind turbines.
    • Fits delco bolt patterns and mounts up to our standard mounting bracket.

    PMG Specifications:

    • 3/8" diameter bolt holes
    • 1 15/16" on center between mounting holes
    • 5 7/8" OD width
    • 6 5/16" tall
    • 9 1/2" overall length

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