• Fire Box-Propane

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    The engine needs heat to run.  We have developed a simple "Fire Box" for providing the external heat to power the engine.  Our Fire Box can be purchased for wood or propane fuels (solar is under development).  The main core of the Fire Box is a 55 gallon steel drum.  The drum is covered with fiberglass insulation and then the fiberglass is covered with a fireproof fabric.  The insulation is used to make sure as little heat is wasted as possible.  Both our Fire Boxes (propane and wood)  require ventilation.


    The Fire Box includes standard 0-10PSI regulator with stainless steel braided hose and 100,000 BTU burner.


    Delivery currently estimated at 30 days from order - shipping charges are additional (estimated at $70).




    35 inches x 24inches x 32 inches 


    40 lbs

    Operating Temperature:  

    Hot End - Max 1200 F

    Propane Burner - 100,000 BTUs (adjustable)

    0-10 PSI Regulator

    Propane Tank Adaptor 

    Temperature Gauge

Fire Box-Propane

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