• Melvin Water Jacket

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  • Description

    The Melvin Water Jacket provides a water heating function for our heat engine.  The engine takes in heat at the hot end and expels heat at the cold end of the engine.  By place a water jacket around the cold end of the engine the engine provides a heating function to the water housed in the water jacket.  This is commonly referred to as a CHP (combined Heat and Power) system.  Many folks will use this for hot water heating or other heating functions.

    The water jacket slips over the base line engine is filled with water or other types of heat transfer liquids.

    In addition the water jacket provides a more efficient mechanism for removing the heat from the cold side of the engine.  This results in a faster engine cycle delivering more output power.

    The Melvin water jacket is 16" in diameter and 38" long, weighing about 22 lbs (dry).

Melvin Water Jacket

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