• The Melvin Package

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    The Melvin Package combines:

    -The base engine (300W - 1,200Watts output)

    -The firebox (propane and wood interface included),

    -The water jacket (water cooling / heating)  and

    -The generator head (up to 1,600 watts - 12 or 24 V). 


    Everything you need to power up.

    Introducing the Melvin.  The heart of becoming energy self-reliant.  The Melvin Engine runs off of heat.  Heat created by wood, propane, natural gas, solar, and bio fuel.  The engine converts the heat energy to rotary motion that turns a generator to generate electricity.  As some of us like to say - "put the wood in one end and electricity comes out the other".

    The engine is designed to operate with a temperature difference of about 600 degrees F.  The output of the engine is targeted at 1 KW at maximum pressure and temperature.  Outputs exceeding 300 W can be obtained using lower temperatures without any pressurization of the engine.

    The engine works in conjunction with our Fire Box (propane / wood combo firebox).  The hot end of the engine is placed in the hot Fire Box causing it to run (it must be warmed up and hand started).   The engine can be utilized with any heat source.  You do not have to use our Fire Box.  You can install the engine into a wood stove or a fireplace.  There is no exhaust from the engine itself.   The engine is 8' long, about 24" in diameter and weighs aprox 200 lbs.

    The engine is designed to last for many years with very little maintenance.  There are no spark plugs, air filters, oil, or batteries.  

    Join the future of energy production and purchase your Melvin Engine today.

    With our engine generate electricity, using wood, gas, solar heat to run the Melvin.  Some assembly is required, open end wrench, screwdriver and allen key wrench are needed for assembly.  Estimated time of assembly is 1-2 hrs.

      - Delivery currently estimated at 30-70 days from order( - shipping charges are additional (estimated $400). 

The Melvin Package

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