About us


Sefton Motors started out in a garage in Michigan several years ago.  We started the company with a simple premise: "how can we provide low cost electricity with out being dependent upon the electrical utilities or gas stations" (not that we have anything against utilities or gas stations - we think both are amazing industries).  There must be a simpler way obtain electricity!  Electricity is key to our modern day life.  Clean renewable energy, good for the environment, that's how Sefton Motors came to be.  

We started with a simple hand held prototype, then tested our market with a successful Kickstarter campaign discovering that self reliance and rugged individualism is alive and well in the U.S. and throughout the world.

All of our components are manufactured to order, built and hand assembled right outside the Motor City.  Detroit and the surrounding community is rich with manufacturing resources for building all types of products.  We are working to make "The Melvin" the new motor to power Motor City forward.  

Join us, buy an Engine !