Research & Information

One of our aims at Sefton Motors is to spread adaption of this engine for energy independence.

We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of the engine, reduce its cost or find exciting applications for its use.  

People always ask us how does the engine work ?  

The concept is simple - heat up air, it expands and does work, cool that same air, and then repeat. Here is a simple graphic of the engine cycle.


Here is some addition information on this engine that you may find useful.

 What The Melvin Provides you:

Multi Fuel Operation  Produce your own fuel and be energy independent
Little Pollution  Low CO2 Output with Propane or Wood (high temperature burning)
Absence of Oil, Spark Plugs, etc Very Little Maintenance
Safety No boiler or high pressure explosions
Long Life  High quality, and ruggedness
User Serviceability Field repairable with basic tools
Low Cost Less then $2 / Watt - system cost





 Keep in mine Dry White Oak wood weighs 4,200 lbs per cord.   Gasoline packs a tremendous amount of energy, that is why internal combustion engines are can be so small for the vast amount of power then generate.  Keep in mind that although the power density of the internal combustion engine is greater then that of a Stirling (heat engine)  the efficiencies of the IC engine are typically lower then that of a well designed stirling engine. (Krupp and Horn, Earth: The sequel p.55) .  


Basic Engine Dimensions:

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