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    Plans for building The Melvin 

    We've decided to open up the Melvin design for building.  This download includes the plans for the Melvin, the process operations, stl files for printing and a BOM.

    Why ?

    Well we are taking too long to build engines and think this may help speed the process.  Like to see wider adoption and additional innovation of The Melvin.  So we just going put it out there.  Only catch, by purchasing the plans you agree not to sue anyone for copying your design or modifications.  This is how the hardware open source license works.

    The plans contains the following:

    • Engine Prints (PDFs from Fusion 360)
    • Process ops for each part (PDF format)
    • STL files for 3D Printing (you'll need a volume of 10.5" by 8")
    • DXF file for waterjet or plasma cut part.
    • Engine BOM with price and sourcing of materials.

    Remember this is not an IKEA product - there are no instructions and no manual.

    We use the following tools for making the engine:

    • 3D printer (SeeMeCNC Rostock Max)
    • Mig Welder
    • Mill & Lathe
    • Slip Roller & Beader
    • Hand Tools

    We are happy to answer a limited amount of questions about the build but are wanting to reduce our production related time and devote that to our development.  There is still a lot to come.

    Note:   There may be updates to the latest Melvin design that are not captured in these plans - we are constantly improving the design to reduce costs and improve performance. 

    Enjoy !

Engine Plans

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