• Engine Manufacturing & Distribution Franchise

  • $ 20,000.00

  • Description

    We offer a manufacturing and sales agreement targeted towards our international marketplaces.  

    This product provides you with an exclusive area to manufacture and sell our engine and associated products (typically 500 mile radius or as negotiated).

    Although, the Melvin is open source,  to manufacture it, is not going to be for everyone. 

    The Franchise Engine and Manufacturing and Distribution allows you to produce and sell engines using our name, product design, and manufacturing process for the sale and service of the Melvin throughout many parts of the world.

    Here is what we provide:

    • Engine Specifications
    • Manufacturing Process Descriptions
    • Manufacturing Equipment Specification (estimated cost between $4,000 to $20,000)
    • Support Hours (40 hours direct online support)

    Retail engine pricing is recommended, but final pricing is established by Franchisee.

    Requirements of the Franchise are: 

    • Provide 1 yr money back guarantee return policy for all engines manufactured & sold.  
    • Royalty payment of $200 per engine to Sefton Motors.
    • Must demonstrate successful engine build quality prior to sales.

    Additional Support hours can be purchased at any time. 

    We work hard to develop these agreements so they work for each franchisee's unique business case.

    Contact us for further details.   


Engine Manufacturing & Distribution Franchise

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