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    The Melvin Engine Build Kit provides a portion of the parts needed to build the Melvin Engine.  The parts included in the kit are as follows:

    1) Piston Assembly - includes full assembly piston, rings, and connecting rods.

    2) Cold Cylinder - finished cold cylinder fitted to above piston.

    3) Flywheel Assembly - includes machined flywheel, offset crank and piston connecting rods.

    4) Linear Mount, Bearing Cages, and Gears - includes linear mount, power gears (flywheel and hub motor gears)

    5) Design Prints for the remaining parts of the Melvin Engine. (Hot Cap, Chamber, Displacer, and Kinematic Housing)

    6) Technical Support Hours - 15 hrs of technical support calls as required to complete engine build and operation.

     Estimated timing for completion of one Melvin Heat Engine using the build kit is 3 months.  During this time Sefton Motors will complete fabrication of the kit parts and, on a dual path, work with the customer to assist and train in manufacturing remaining non kit parts. 

    The Melvin Engine Build Kit is targeted at folks who are interested in manufacturing the Melvin Engine, either for themselves, or for their local market space.   The components of the build kit have been designed to reduce the manufacturing machinery required to make a Melvin Heat Engine.  The remaining components that are not provided in the kit can be fabricated with the following equipment - metal welding equipment (steel and aluminum), slip roller, plasma cutter (grinder could be used for single build but it would be onerous).

    The build kit is a Beta product and needs to be approved prior to purchase. 

    (note: picture above does not represent parts included in build kit, the build kit parts are listed above). Shipping costs are extra and will be billed at time of shipment.

     Contact us at info@seftonmotors.com for further information.


Melvin Engine Build Kit - Beta

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