• Melvin Jr. Engine Package - Order Deposit

  • $ 500.00

  • Description

    The Melvin Jr. is a heat engine for the generation of electricity.  The Melvin Jr. is estimated to output between 100 - 400 watts of power, dependent upon temperature difference and baseline engine air pressure.  The engine runs from any type of heat source (target temperature difference of 500 degrees F).  

    The Melvin Jr. Engine Package comes with the base engine, a removable firebox ( with propane port) and a water jacket (wood burning front end not included) and 350Watt generator head.  The cost of Melvin Jr. Engine Package is $1,500 plus shipping (domestic shipping estimated at $250).  A deposit of $500 is due upon order and the balance plus shipping is due prior to release of engine. 

    Shipping is estimated at 60 days from point of order. 

    As with all our engines - if you're not satisfied with the engine you can return if for a refund (restocking and shipping charges will apply).



Melvin Jr. Engine Package - Order Deposit

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