• Solar Front End Design for Volo One Engine


    We've completed the initial design concept for the Solar Front End of the Volo One Engine.

    The design focuses on improving solar energy capture by combining the engine with photovoltaic solar panels.

    The design is comprised of a tracking parabolic trough, lined with photovoltaic solar panels with the heat engine at the trough's focal point.

    The solar panels are coated with a solar film so that visible light passes through to the photovoltaic cells and longer wavelength light energy gets reflected to the engine.


    Here is a short video that takes you through the design.

    This is just the first step for the solar front end.  We don't have a materials list or working prototype of it at this time.  The estimated size of the solar front end is 10 feet x 6 feet x 5 feet.

    Let us know your thoughts on this design.



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