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    • Tim Sefton says...

      Hi George,
      Thanks for your question.
      Like your thinking.
      There are two types of bearings / seals used in the engine.
      The first is your standard ball bearings that we use for the piston connecting rod (both on the piston side and on the crank side) – These are long life, high speed bearings that we run at a very low speed – they should never wear out. The other type wear item are the piston and displacer rod seals. These are made of Teflon and a plastic infused with Teflon, respectively. They will wear out. As they wear the compression of the engine degrades. Replacement of these is simple the rings can be hand assembled to the piston and the displace seal is siliconed into place.
      Hope this helps answer your question – Keep in mind we are still working on a backlog of orders and predicting about a 4 month delay from order to shipment.

      On November 14, 2015

    • George Sharp says...

      I am very interested in your 1kw Stirling engine. I think they would have to operate for about 8 hours a day for a out of house working day family.
      My idea is to run the fridge via an inverter off a 12volt battery.
      Use the family car/s batteries after returning home from work. Then run the stirling engine to operate fridge and charge car batteries while some one is at home to monitor the fire.
      My point is long lasting bearings will be required and/or a replacement bearing schedule that the house holder can do him/herself.

      On October 22, 2015

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