• Engine Update - The Melvin & More

    Hi Folks,

    Finally an engine update for you.  We have some exciting stuff and it is way past due.

    Engine Update :

    First - we are bringing our pricing back down to about where is was, $1,850 for base engine and $2,475 for the Melvin package (engine, water jacket, and firebox).  We're still at least 60 days from order for delivery, in the best of cases.

    Second - Power is up - broke 150 rpms = +400 Watts gross power (unpressurized).

    Third - We're opening up the engine specs for open source access (see details in the catalog).

    Check our our full update here: 



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    • Tim Sefton says...

      Hi JNed,
      Not sure what type of info your looking for….., but The Melvin needs about 600F temperature difference from hot to cold end of engine to run. We use an estimate of 10% efficiency from input to output – that can change dependent upon how your capturing the waste heat for the cold side of the engine. Let me know if you have other questions.

      On March 27, 2020

    • J. Ned Dempsey says...

      I would appreciate more information on your engine and how I can use it for waste heat.

      On March 27, 2020

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