• Sefton Motors Releases "The Melvin"

    Our latest engine, provides higher power output at lower costs.

    Check out our update that goes into the details of our new version, The Melvin !

    You tube video update:

    Higher operating temperature -600 to 1200 F

    Higher output power - 250 to 1200Watts

    Integrated pressurization

    Available water jacket for combined heating and power.


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    • Tim Sefton says...

      Hi Michael, Thanks for your comment. We are just slowing down on the production for a bit to get caught up with orders and testing. Price will go back down shortly (within a month or so).

      On December 07, 2019

    • michael says...

      What happened between the first of the year and now (9/20/19) to make the price jump from ~$2300 to ~$6000?

      You guys are doing great work here! keep it up.

      On December 07, 2019

    • Brian Yglesias says...

      I’m curious if you’ve heard you of rocket mass heaters, and if so, do you think they could be adapted to feed their combustion gasses to your engine? Off hand I don’t see why not.

      On March 28, 2019

    • Casper says...

      Really excited for you guys producing the Melvin.
      Looks amazing I’m sure you will do well.

      If you need any help in the United Kingdom I’m happy to help in anyway I can.

      On February 17, 2019

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