• The Why !

    We received some feedback from our last update in September that our focus on the bits and bytes of the Melvin Engine was neglecting the bigger picture of energy creation and distribution coming soon in the future.  Well, its time for us to touch base on how the Melvin Engine was created to address this transformation of local energy generation from any heat source.  The heat source being wood, gas, bio mass, solar, you name it.  

    So here is a short video that lays out our agenda and how that fits into the bigger picture of decentralized energy creation and distribution.

    Let us know your thoughts.



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    • Tim says...

      Thanks for the note Robear – glad to hear you following our progress – love to get some more engines out to the farmers of the world – think its a great fit !

      On October 20, 2020

    • Tim says...

      Thanks Nathanial – we are behind on our engine system demos – this should be coming up shortly – along with some performance specs – Tim

      On October 20, 2020

    • Nathanial A Pierson says...

      I’m super interested in a live demonstration video with the Melven charging a battery bank from say scrap pallet wood.

      On October 20, 2020

    • robear says...

      thanks for the video, Tim.

      thanks for all the research and work you have pot into this over

      the years.

      i’m a farmer, 80 years old now, been following the sterling

      story for 35 years. i am so grateful to you , to finally have

      a marketable product of this size. exactly what i need.

      when will i buy it? when i can save a couple of thousand

      dollars….?yes keep on keeping on best we can.

      best regards, robear in the corn

      On October 20, 2020

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