• The Volo One Engine Is Available For Purchase!

    The Volo One Engine is now available for purchase!

    After 2 years of development we are ready to move into the production phase.

    The Volo One Engine runs off of heat, when there is a temperature difference (roughly 400 F) from the cold end of the engine to the hot end of the engine.  For example, you could put the head of the engine in a bonfire and it will run (not that you'd want to put into a bonfire).  The Volo One Engine is not a steam engine.  The Volo One Engine runs with low pressures and relatively low temperatures compared to a steam or internal combustion engine. This makes it inherently safer then steam and internal combustion engines.

    The engine was designed to be used to generate clean electricity using wood, propane, natural gas, waste heat or any other heat source.

    The Volo One Engine is big (8' long) and heavy (250 lbs) but elegant and beautiful at the same time.

    We've brought this technology into the present, with new materials and modern day tooling to re-invent a stirling engine that can produce real work (1 KW ).

    The Volo One Engine today is configured to run with heat produced from either Propane or Wood front ends (i.e. what creates the heat for the engine). The engine can run off of any other type of heat (less then 900 F) that you may design.

    We are working on a solar front end, it is under development but not yet ready for sale. 


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