• The History of the Volo One Engine

    Some folks have been asking us where did the Volo One come from.

    To find out more about the history of our engine development - take a look at our engine video timeline at:

    Or our development blog at: 

    You can see how the engine has progressed from a hand held prototype

    to its current incarnation.




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    • Tim Sefton says...

      Thanks Mokhsen,

      At some point we will have smaller lighter models but it will be a while – we just launched this engine in 2014 and are still working on improvements for it. One area of improvement is power output – as that grows the engine will get smaller in size.

      On January 04, 2015

    • Mokhsen says...

      Greeting from Malaysia


      Your achievement is remarkable. I have been looking for stirling engine that suitable for home use.

      I want to ask or rather some suggetion. Is it possible to make it slightly smaller/ lighter, without compromising the power production, let say around 50-60 kg, for mobility and versatility

      Looking forward to it.

      On December 19, 2014

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